A Guide to Gaining and Enhancing Heroes in Seven Knights

When beginning Seven Knights, only a few heroes will be accessible. To acquire more, certain objectives must be accomplished or they can be bought. This guide will walk you through the process of gathering heroes in Seven Knights.

Techniques for obtaining heroes in Seven Knights

1. Calling Forth

In Seven Knights, heroes can be called upon with a variety of methods like Normal, Special, and Premium summons. Normal summons take Friend Points, which can be earned by either sending out friend requests or adding buddies. Although they have a lesser chance of summoning heroes that are uncommon, they are more suitable for collecting heroes and increasing the level of those that you already have.

Players can acquire rare characters quickly with special summons, which require rubies. These can be earned through accomplishing missions, taking part in events, rising up in the Arena, or bought with real money from the in-game store. Premium summons, which require Topaz, are the most exclusive and difficult way of summoning, with the highest chance of getting Seven Knights heroes. However, these are mainly intended for more experienced gamers who have collected a considerable amount of Topaz.

2. Exploring the Unknown

Adventure Mode is a term used to refer to the act of engaging in activities which involve a certain degree of risk or danger. This type of activity has been growing in popularity in recent years and often involves a physical and mental challenge. Exploring the Unknown is another way to describe this activity, as it requires pushing boundaries and taking risks in order to discover wearfanatic something new.

In every chapter, players will be confronted with thrilling fights and unforgettable characters. By successfully meeting the requirements, gamers will be rewarded with characters ranging from common to rare.

Successfully going through Adventure Mode necessitates a combination of strategic planning and skillful execution of battles. As players progress, they must remain attentive to their heroes’ health and energy levels, utilizing items and equipment to their advantage. Reaching the end of the mode rewards players with heroes as well as resources such as gold and equipments which can be used to further strengthen their heroes and advance in the game.

3. Notable Occasions

Events that are extraordinary or remarkable can be referred to as special occasions. These types of happenings can be planned with precision or can take place spontaneously. No matter the type of event, they can be remembered for a long time.

Netmarble creates thrilling events in Seven Knights that grant players exclusive heroes. These occasions are highly sought after, as the heroes presented are both scarce and strong. To be eligible for these events, gamers must fulfill particular qualifications celeblifes including finishing game levels, taking first place in Arena combats, or accomplishing goals in the game, which adds a challenge to get the rewards.

4. Combination

The fourth step in the process is to bring together, or to combine, separate pieces to form one complete entity.

In Seven Knights, combining two or more heroes leads to the formation of a new one with higher stats and capabilities. The rarity of the new hero is based on the rarity of the ones used in the fusion. This opens up new possibilities for team building and gameplay tactics by potentially giving players access to exclusive characters.

One advantage of fusion is that it can be used to upgrade the strength of already-existing heroes. By combining duplicates, their stats and abilities can be amplified, potentially increasing the success of their performance in battles. This can be especially beneficial if the hero has had equipment or skills upgraded in the past.

Increasing the Capabilities of Heroes

After obtaining one of the heroes within Seven Knights, the next stage is to bolster it and make it more powerful. There are numerous ways to do this, including:

1. Raising the Bar

In Seven Knights, heroes are able to be strengthened by leveling up – a process that is the foundation of the game. Combat and gaining experience points are the primary method of increasing levels, or alternatively Hero EXP Potions can be used.

2. Improve Your Position

To raise the rarity and stats of a character in Seven Knights, it is necessary to Rank Up, for which a set amount of copies of that particular hero, gold, and awakening shards have to be obtained.

3. Arousal

Coming to life, one can feel the stirring of awareness. This awakening can lead to a newfound appreciation of the world around us. The feeling of being alive and alert can be quite invigorating. It is an encouraging experience that can bring forth positive energy and a sense of enthusiasm.

It is feasible to enhance a hero’s highest level and open new abilities in Seven Knights through the Awakening system. In order to bring a hero to awakening, players will need to accumulate a requisite number of awakening shards, and other materials like gold and awakening crystals.

4. Crossing the Threshold

This phrase is used to denote a point at which the traditional limits of a phenomenon are exceeded. It is also used to refer to a situation in which a person or group of people surpass their own limits and achieve something extraordinary.

In Seven Knights, the Limit Break feature can be used by players to surpass the current level and stats of a given hero. To perform a Limit Break, the same hero must be collected in a specific number of copies, as well as other materials like gold and limit break stones.


If you adhere to the instructions above, it is achievable to gather a host of characters and raise their powers. Nevertheless, it is important to highlight that this can be a protracted exercise. To prevent spending an excessive amount of time, we propose making use of the Redfinger Android emulator. This tool grants the possibility of utilizing numerous accounts with its multiple log in feature. Therefore, you can manage multiple gaming accounts simultaneously and swiftly accumulate and enhance heroes with specific intent.

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