Accident in Boston: When you must meet an injury lawyer

You suffered serious injuries in a car crash in Boston. You are sure that the other party was reckless and could have avoided the mishap if they were careful. You also know that Massachusetts is a no-fault state, which means you cannot typically sue the at-fault driver in most circumstances. You are also left with losses that are taking a toll on your financial situation. In such times, it is important to take a step forward and seek the help of a Boston injury lawyer. In this post, let’s discuss the circumstances when hiring a lawyer is necessary.

You have suffered catastrophic injuries

If your medical bills and treatment costs exceed $2,000, you may have the option to step outside the no-fault system in Massachusetts and file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. Every case is unique, and it is always wise to look for answers from an expert you can trust. An experienced attorney can tell you whether your injury claim is worth fighting for and all the legal options that you can consider.

You have been at fault

Even when you have a fair case against the other driver, your financial compensation also depends on your role in the car accident. If you had a share in the blame, remember that Massachusetts is a modified comparative fault state. You can only sue the other party when your fault percentage is 50% or less. It is obvious that the insurance company and the at-fault driver will pass the blame on you, and it is important to consult an attorney who can tell you about the possible outcomes.

You are not sure of how to deal with insurance

Insurance companies don’t care whether you are hurt or dealing with losses. Instead, the claims adjuster will look for ways to minimize the settlement. If you have no clue how to deal with the insurance adjuster or need help with the forms and claims process, make sure to meet a lawyer. An injury lawyer will ensure that you don’t settle for less, but more importantly, they wouldn’t charge a fee until you win. Most car accident claims are handled on a contingency fee, which is only recoverable when clients win. Even when a lawyer has spent hours on your claim, they cannot demand a payment unless you get money.

Contact an injury lawyer soon after the accident so that they can gather the information you need to prove your case.

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