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Best sofa designs for small- spaced house

A small home looks cozy and comfortable, and the best part is that it is effortless to maintain. But with a small home, comes the compromise of choices, especially in furniture. There might not be enough space in the living room, to accommodate the king-size sofa. However, with the advancement in furniture design creating multi-functional pieces, you just need to make the right choice to transform the complete setting. Therefore, here are sofa designs that are a great option mainly for small- spaced houses.

Convertible couch or sofa beds:

When you have a small-spaced house, having a convertible sofa cum bed or couch solves the dual purpose. You can use it as a seating area for guests and while sleeping convert it into a decent-sized bed for stay over. These are available in various sizes, colors, and patterns so you will have an array of options to choose from. It is a perfect piece for someone who has frequent guests coming in.


If you live in a bachelor’s home or you are a couple, having an endearing loveseat in the living area moulds the space to look appealing. It is a small-sized sofa set for two people to fit in and have a cozy time together. For the area or a corner where you have a space crunch and you wish to create a seating area, a loveseat is the best choice.


Whatever the style or color of the living room’s interior, futons have the potential to easily harmonize with the rest of the space and fit into a narrow space without creating any discomfort. These compact couch-like seating are visually attractive, classy, and quite comfortable as made with memory foam and top fabric in velvet, cotton, and linen the extra jazz. With the futon sofa cum bed, you can use it for seating, and when you wish to relax a bit, open the mattress to convert it into a single comfortable bed. 

Chesterfield sofa:

In small-scale apartments, the maximum space and view that one piece of furniture would take in a living space is nothing but the sofa. Chesterfield couches are one of the popular designs across the globe. Its rolled-up arms are a signature pattern and look as classy as the rolled-up back of the couch. Since its design is timeless, you can never go wrong with choosing a chesterfield sofa.

Corner sofa:

With the small-spaced houses these days, corner sofas are a staple piece of furniture for urban living. With the increase in work from home and having multipurpose rooms, with kitchen and living room with home office wrestling for space in a single room, the corner sofa plays a hybrid role for both seating and zoning. Thus, a corner sofa will provide more seating space in a compact area, and helps in maximizing the whole space available to you.

These are the ultimate multifunctional furniture that will help form a  home look bigger and more beautiful creating an illusion of more space and light. So, choose a sofa set by carefully analysing your requirement and space. Thus, you can now create your living room into an organized space even in less area and become the inspiration for the guests. After all, a smart buy leads to creation of a happy home.

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