Complications from rhinoplasty and prevention

Rhinoplasty surgery by adding other things into the body such as tissue or synthetic material If it’s the patient’s own tissue.

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It’s relatively safe, but the disadvantage is that the patient must have enough tissue. hurt two places Sometimes the nose is very flat, there is not enough tissue. Therefore, it is necessary to use enough other substances, which is a group called Foreign Body materials. It is also divided according to the method into 2 large groups: rhinoplasty with a stick and injections of fillers (filler)

Injection of additives (Filler)

to inject This item shall be water, stock, or powder, a mixture of water or liquid. so that it can be injected through the needle Substances that are injected are further divided into 2 large groups: Substances that are injected and remain forever (Permanent Filler). But after a while The body began to recognize that it was strange. a fake that enters the body There will be a reaction such as inflammation, redness, swelling, come and go, or create a membrane. covered with fibers resulting in a bumpy lump that is difficult to treat. Common examples of this group of substances are liquid silicone, paraffin, and silicone powder mixed with water, etc.

Substances injected and self-dissolving

These substances were invented to last for about 1 year and then gradually dissolve on their own because if they were to last forever There will be problems with the body that are difficult to fix. However, injecting fillers into the nose Need to be injected by a skilled physician because if mistaken The substance may clog the blood vessels that feed important organs such as the eyes, nose, and can cause those tissues to gangrene or even blindness while these substances are not completely dissolved. It may cause complications such as inflammation, swelling, redness, and rough skin. persistent swelling Solvent additives There are many types Very popular such as Hyaluronic acid, etc.

Complications from rhinoplasty

everything in this world When there is a positive side, there will always be a negative side. Nose augmentation by any method may have more or less complications, depending on the factors encouraged as well The most common complication is infection, which can be divided into 3 stages.

born in the first week Patients will have pain, swelling, redness, heat, often caused by insufficiently clean surgery. There is a congestion of blood in the nose, in the nasal cavity, there are already pathogens such as sinusitis, etc. If symptoms occur, you must immediately see a doctor to remove the foreign body from the nose. Clean the wound and give antibiotics.

During the 2nd week to 1 month, the symptoms will be similar to the first week. There may be some swelling first. There is fluid or pus coming out of the sores in the nostrils that are painful and red. The reason may be that surgery is mixed with care. The wound is not clean, with mucus, dirt getting into the wound, etc. The treatment is the same as the first week.

After 1 month to years or years, the patient may have swelling, recurrence, redness, heat, or discharge from the nose in this way. The cause may not be related to the surgery. The disease may come from inflammation of the skin, nearby bone tissue, such as acne, skin infection, sinusitis, inflammation of other tissues and the germs come to the nose. which is very rare, but if found, you must see a doctor as well, please keep in mind that if we have surgery for foreign bodies and then inflammation occurs, do not hesitate or hesitate to keep that nose because of regret Need to hurry to remove the foreign matter as soon as possible. and treat inflamed wounds then disappear quickly Otherwise it will penetrate the skin. Big problems will Celebrity net worth follow.

crooked nose

It’s an unwanted compilation. which is most common if it is in the first week, not more than 2 weeks, may be caused by tissue swelling and the artificial material added to move It still doesn’t stick firmly like cement that hasn’t dried yet. Also able to move and bend in place. Therefore, it should be returned to the doctor. For accurate diagnosis and treatment, but if more than 2 weeks have passed and still crooked, the method of treatment is to have surgery to correct it. Because it cannot be moved or bent because the reinforcement is already firmly attached.

thin skin

Rhinoplasty with silicone or any foreign material may cause pressure on tissues and skin. The high pressure will make the skin unbearable, the skin will continue to thin until it can penetrate, especially around the tip of the nose. or short nose but try to put a stick on long silicone without other tissues For example, cartilage helps to reduce pressure, the pressure on the skin will increase in direct proportion biographypark.

coupled with the passage of time Our skin will naturally thin. These cause long-term harm. Correction requires urgently removing the augmented material, reducing the length, reducing the height, using other tissues to support such as cartilage from the ear, thick skin from the back row, etc. only cartilage, etc theviralnewj.

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