Ensure Durability With Everlasting Comfort Screen Doors

One of the simple pleasures of the warmer seasons and good weather is being able to freshen up your home by opening the doors and letting in some air. This is a great way to improve the comfort of your home, and just enjoy the fact that the temperature is perfect outside. The only problem with opening up your home is that a lot of times this can end up giving you more than you bargained for.

Nature is amazing, but at the same time can be full of unwanted pests like gnats, flies, and all kinds of bugs. This can be a big problem if you don’t have some kind of screen protection for your doorway and make the trade of getting fresh air simply not worth it. Not only that but during the warmer seasons when the bugs are out, simply walking in and out of your home, in general, can be an opportunity for unwanted guests to arrive.

This is why a lot of people opt for getting some kind of screen door for their homes. A screen door is a great way to make a home improvement that you can actually appreciate. When it comes to choosing a screen door, you have a couple of options to consider. There is always the traditional screen door, however, there is also the Everlasting Comfort screen door that uses lightweight mesh and magnets for true convenience.

If you have been curious about the difference between a traditional screen door and a magnetic screen door from Everlasting Comfort, here is everything you need to know.

What is The Everlasting Comfort Screen Door?

Everlasting Comfort is a company that specifically provides luxury-style items that improve the comfort of your home in meaningful ways. One way that they can do this for your home is through their magnetic screen door. This door is specifically designed to bring a level of comfort and ease that a traditional-style screen door simply can’t do.

While there are benefits to a traditional screen door, the Everlasting Comfort magnetic screen door brings a lot to the table in terms of comfort, design, and ease of use. Here are some of the most appealing things about the magnetic screen door from Everlasting Comfort.

Durability For All Seasons

When you look at the Everlasting Comfort screen magnetic door, you might be tempted to wonder if it can really hold up. The design is simple, elegant, and minimalist. Made of heavy-duty mesh, this screen door is not heavy like a traditional door. Instead, it’s incredibly light and easy to move. While this screen door is very lightweight and easy to use, it in no way trades off durability for this characteristic.

The Everlasting Comfort screen door is lightweight but made from a durable plastic mesh that is designed to work in any season. Whether you are dealing with rain, snow, wind, or even hail, this screen door is meant to endure the elements year round.

No Hand Entry

One thing that traditional screen doors always did, was make entering or exiting a bit more of a hassle than it needed to be. Not only are you dealing with two door knobs, but the screen door itself always seems to get in the way, especially if you are taking a tray of drinks out to the pool, or food out to the cookout.

The Everlasting Comfort magnetic screen door uses 26 magnets along the seams of its retractable, mesh flaps. This means that it will always naturally close behind you, and you never have to use your hands to open it. Simply walk on through and the magnets will open and close around you as you do. Because the mesh is lightweight, this will never become a hassle for carrying out drinks or food.

With a no-hand entry, you also don’t have to worry about it when the dogs need to go outside. They can simply walk through the magnetic seal with no problems at all, and it’s also great for kids who may struggle with a hard-to-reach door handle.

Easy To Install

Another reason why people love this magnetic screen door so much is that it’s easy to install. No screws, nails, or power tools are required, and everything you need comes right inside the box. Because of its flexible design, it can fit any doorway up to 38×82. What’s more is that this magnetic screen door can fix onto metal, wood, or even a sliding doorway.


Enjoying fresh air when the weather is nice has never been easier than with this magnetic screen door from Everlasting Comfort. With a superior design that keeps it lightweight, but durable and with an incredibly easy installation process, it’s easy to see why so many people love it.

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