Five myths on PRINCE2 in Agile context busted

The PRINCE 2 agile certification has great popularity in all corners of the world. It helps the managers to handle the project and the organization with efficiency and effectiveness. The managers have control over the resources and are able to manage the risk properly. They have the caliber to understand the potential problems and find out their cost-effective solutions. The certification focuses on providing the ocean of knowledge about agile and management principles to the candidates. The methods provide an environment for improvising the quality of the products and their delivery process. The methods also focus on following the management principles and working on a set of principles to be on a linear track of success. Both the methods work together, but many myths are attached to the fact of these two techniques working together.

The myths about the certification are as follows:

  1. The project manager is not a necessity – The scrum believes that there is no need for a project manager to handle a project. The scrum is defined as a particular framework that gives productive and effective solutions to complex problems of the people. The scrum does not specify many roles other than thinking of ways of delivering the product and defining the deliverable products with respect to their value. It is not essential that if scrum does not put forward any other roles as important, those roles are actually not important. Project management is a process that involves numerous small processes, and to handle all these methods, techniques, and processes, and there is a need for professional project managers. The project work is different from normal business in many ways. Projects implement change; they are cross-functional and unique. The scrum framework is highly different from the methods of project management.
  2. PRINCE 2 has relations with the old school techniques of project management – This is purely a myth as PRINCE 2 is nothing about the traditional methods. It does not involve bureaucratic ways or commanding and controlling people. It is way different than these shady methods. PRINCE 2 gives light to managing projects with principles. It enlightens the methods of carrying out the activities in an ongoing project and provides a proper guidance to the team when required. The method normally takes the help of valid information and helps in making firm decisions.
  3. PRINCE 2 is not agile – It is not completely right that PRINCE 2 does not have any essence of agile. The principles leading PRINCE 2 have a part of agile software principles. Few frameworks of agile like the scrum are not a part of PRINCE 2, but other than that, the software part of agile is completely linked with PRINCE 2. PRINCE 2 consists of seven principles that focus on team spirit, responsibilities, roles of an individual, various managerial functions like planning and controlling, and many more. The method focuses on the quality of the product and its timely delivery to the respective mediums.
  4. Combining PRINCE 2 with scrum or kanban – Many people say that it is possible to combine PRINCE 2 with various frameworks of agile like the kanban and scrum. It’s not completely possible as it sounds but a balanced mixture of PRINCE 2 and agile is possible, and the same is prevailing quite well nowadays. But both the methods still focus on different issues. The PRINCE 2 techniques take charge of the project management, and the agile techniques look into the process of project delivery. Both techniques are very strong but in their own fields. Both things have to mix proportionately to work efficiently and productively.
  5. If you apply agile methods, then you are completely agile – It is not true that if you use agile methods, then you are completely agile. Using agile methods with PRINCE 2 helps in managing projects more efficiently, but both methods are equally important. The agile method provides various necessary concepts and frameworks which help in managing the work masstamilanfree .


These myths keep prevailing for years about the PRINCE 2 agile certification. As mentioned, they are just myths. There is no practicality to this. As far as reality is concerned, PRINCE 2 and agile can do wonders when taken together. None of these two techniques overlap each other nor take each other’s place. They suffice each other and work for the better management and delivery of the projects. These two methods are of great use in any field of work. Gaining the certification that has the combination of these two methods is of great benefit in this competitive world.

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