Homeowner Tips: How to Keep Squirrels Away

Squirrels could be very frustrating creatures and can become a thorn in your flesh if you do not find something to do to them on time. Squirrels are either attracted to your fruit trees or have a littered environment. One thing to note about these creatures is their extreme ability to be very fast. Trying to kill them might be somewhat hard, but there are things you could do to keep them off your house and fruit trees.

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How To Keep Squirrels Away


Netting is a wonderful technique that you businesstodaysnews can incorporate into keeping squirrels off your fruit trees. All you need to do is put nets around them and ensure that it covers them entirely without getting to affect ventilation. Though nets are good protectors of fruit trees you have to be quite picky when you’re selecting a net for your fruit tree. Do not use something that those cunning creatures can gain access to. If you can figure out the best type of net to use at that point then you are good to go.

Add peppers to your fruit trees

There is something in peppers that is called capsaicin. Capsaicin tends to chase squirrels away because they detest the smell of it. There is only one issue with this method and that is when the rainy season comes. When rain falls, it has the tendency to wash down the peppery feel that comes with it. How do you prepare this? All you have to do is mix your hot sauce and then add water to it then you can regularly spray it on the tree body. This way, squirrels stay far away from your fruit tree.

Find them another source of feeding

This could be a very risky technique as you would networthexposed have to sacrifice something for them not to attack your fruit trees. This is how this technique works; if for example, you have apple cultivation and there are consistent attacks on it, you can plant something else that you know the squirrels might probably prefer to have than apples. When you can provide this source for them, they have no option but to take their gaze off the apple tree and focus on the alternative you have given them. This is quite draining and might take a couple of times before the squirrels start feeding on them but it does not change the fact that they would be distracted in the long run.

Take out litters

Having litter in your house famousmagazinenow is definitely going to attract these cunning creatures. In a bid not to have them around your home or garden, you should keep your environment clean at all times. Cover your waste bins and ensure that you dispose of them on time. This would give them no choice but to stay off your house.

Urine of predators

Squirrels are usually scared of their predators sdasrinagar just like a human being would be scared to find a wild animal in the woods, that is also how it feels for squirrels. Because they have a strong sense of smell, they can perceive the urine of their predators. This would chase them away and prevent them from gaining access to your fruit tree.


At the sound of noise, most animals are usually scared knowcarupdate. You could set up a sound producer in your garden that would occasionally make a noise when the wind blows. Noisemakers are one of the most effective ways to chase squirrels from your tree.

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