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Movie Maker is a computer application that allows users to create movies using video clips. The software was developed by Microsoft, and was first released as Version 1.1 in 2001, which coincided with the launch of Windows XP. Compared to previous versions of the software, the new operating system focused on modern tools, accessibility, and an updated user interface. The next version of Movie Maker, Version 2.0, shipped with Windows XP Service Pack

Once you have the video clips imported, you can add the credits and titles. You will be prompted to choose a location for the titles and credits. Then, select the desired font, color, and animation style. After you’re finished, click on “File” and then select “Save Project As”

To add videos and photos to a movie, navigate to the File > Add Video and Photos window. Click the Add Video/Photo button in the bottom right corner. A pop-up dialog will open. Select the files you want to import and click OK. Your imported files will appear in the timeline in the center of the screen, with the preview viewer on the left. Drag and drop the clips into the right or left position. You can change the order of the clips as needed.

Once you’ve selected the video, you can import the audio and other media files into your movie. You can access these files under the Media library. Video and music files will be indicated with a camera icon. Various media assets such as transitions and effects are also stored in the Media library. You can then assemble the media clips on the Timeline. In addition to video clips, you can also import still images. Then, click ‘File > Edit’ to save your movie.

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