How to put money in 188bet

Once you have an 188bet account and are logged in, click on your account and then select deposit from the list of possibilities.

Among here, you can choose from the site’s different deposit options which one you want to use. Click on here, fill out the form, and then follow the on-screen directions to deposit money into your account.

Deposits can appear in your account anywhere from 15 minutes after the deposit to a few days later, depending on the deposit type you use.

188bet withdrawal procedure

Similar to the options you have for making deposits at the site, you will have a list of withdrawal options available to you depending on where you visit 188bet from and the currency you chose to run your site in.

Once you have signed into your account, simply click on your account details and then choose withdraw from the list of options.

The next step is to decide which of the withdrawal options you want to use to withdraw money.

You should be particularly conscious of these fees when you make a withdrawal because in some countries, some withdrawals will be subject to fees and some minimum withdrawal amounts can be rather large (£100 or similar, for example).

How long does a withdrawal take at 188bet?

It is challenging to provide a conclusive response to question because there are so many various payment options accessible across a broad variety of nations. It suffices to note that a decent general rule of thumb is the usual times for fund transfers when you make a withdrawal.

This means that for some ewallet withdrawals or similar transactions, the time frame could be as short as a few hours, as long as a day for fast bank transfers or similar transactions, and as long as 2–5 days for other methods like normal bank transfers.

188bet has good customer service, which interestingly is situated in the uk even though the business now primarily targets markets in europe and asia. The fact that support is available in a number of languages is nevertheless beneficial.

Two specific phone numbers, one for customers in asia and one for consumers in europe, a live chat feature on the website, as well as a customer support email address are all ways to get in touch with customer service.

Customers of the website have access to a good range of customer service choices, giving them the assurance that they may get in touch with someone as soon as they need to if they need an issue resolved immediately.

Review of 188bet mobile

188bet doesn’t offer a dedicated mobile app, unlike other bookmakers, despite claims to the contrary in internet reviews. They do provide a link to a mobile site that is browser-based and optimized for mobile devices, which is simply a mobile version of their desktop site.

Although browser-based services are now often lot more user-friendly and smooth on mobile, this is not the case with 188bet. The mobile site does offer all the same features as the desktop site, including the chance to sign up with the business.

We think the in-play betting service is the best aspect of the mobile site (as it is the standard site), and we get the impression that this is the area of the site that 188bet wants to promote more to its customers. The site is well designed and intuitive, making it simple to find the markets you want.

It goes without saying that the absence of a specialized app will result in significant points being deducted from the 188bet review score in this area.

Review of the 188bet desktop

Actually, the desktop version of the website is very identical to the mobile one; the difference is that the larger size makes it possible to show more items on the screen.

We’ll just state that 188bet doesn’t spend space on advertisements or other things. Their home page focuses solely on betting, with markets displayed and little else. Although it functions flawlessly, the website has a fairly uninteresting appearance and is rather uninteresting to look at.

A few gifs or scrolling objects might liven up the home page a little bit and make it less like working through a spreadsheet.

The website is responsive and simple to navigate. Although the website has made progress in that area over time, it still lags far behind market leaders in the sector like betvictor or bet365 sport.

Comment join 188bet

As long as you reside in one of the countries where 188bet is active, joining the site is rather straightforward.

  • Visit the 188bet website, then select the orange sign up button.
  • You will be prompted to enter your personal information on a form that loads.
  • To verify that you are at least 18 years old and have read the terms and conditions, check the box.
  • In the space provided, enter the captcha code.
  • Your new account will be created once you click the sign up button.

Each of the sports mentioned above has an own section on the 188bet website, so there are many different options for each. Additionally, many of the categories, like football, cover a vast array of different leagues on a national and international level. This implies that regardless of where an event takes place—in london, lisbon, or los angeles—you will probably be able to place a wager on it at 188bet. However, if you’re looking to wager on more specialized sports, 188bet is probably not the site for you.

You’ll quickly see why betvictor or paddy power don’t receive a higher ranking in this category if you contrast their market offerings to those of 188bet, for example.

All customers of 188bet have the option to wager on games that are now in progress, allowing bettors to place wagers on a wide range of events at the press of a button. Although the in-play menu is entirely comprehensive and displays all of the significant odds for the various games, you must click on the individual game being played in order to obtain more detailed odds. The site’s statistics and all of the odds are both continuously updated.

It’s encouraging to see that the in-play section provides information on the game’s time, score, cards, action zones, and a ton of other in-game facts. Even some of the more established bookies don’t feature these, therefore 188bet benefits greatly from having them.

You only need to select the “sports” tab, then select the “in-play” tab to access the in-play features (under the top menu). On the left side of the main sport page, there is a preview of every game that is now in progress.

It’s challenging to criticize 188bet’s in-play betting options. It functions well, presents live scores clearly, and provides a wide range of betting markets. One thing it doesn’t do is provide consumers with live streaming of events; for this service, check out bet365, which has the greatest live betting and streaming choices available.

Given that 188bet has favorable ratings in this category but falls short of the expectations of the larger operators, it is difficult to justify opening an account.

For the majority of new clients, 188bet does offer welcome bonuses, although the amount available greatly varies depending on where you join from. All regions offer bonuses in the form of percentage deposit matches, with the most recent offer posted for japanese users being 200% up to $200/jpy 10,250.

There is probably a similar bonus available no matter what region you join from, but it’s better to check that out using the button below. Clicking this will lead you to 188bet, where the bonus information specific to your location will be displayed.

Application of the 188bet bonus

It looks that 188BET  is not currently providing any welcome bonuses to its customers. The terms and restrictions for any promotions they may offer are simply displayed when you click on the promotions link on the website, but none are currently listed.

You may have seen the 2.5 stars out of 5 that we gave 188bet at the very beginning of our review page. Without any explanation, that doesn’t really signify anything, so we’re going to explain why 188bet receives 2.5 stars in this section of the page.

In essence, 188bet receives a middle of the road grade. Why does this matter? In essence, 188bet’s product is passable but not exceptional.

When it comes to marketing and the welcome bonus, issues start to arise. Apart from the opening bonus, which varies by area, there aren’t really many promotions, therefore prices are drastically discounted. You have what appears to be a bookmaker in decline when you add that to the fact that they no longer serve the uk market.

We haven’t actually heard any reports of 188bet blocking bonuses, cancelling player accounts, or engaging in any other shady behavior. They generally have a good reputation and sponsor many different sports, but the lack of value for players is a major turnoff.

When 188bet is compared to companies like betvictor, there aren’t many reasons to sign up with them; in fact, you’d be better off having an account at one of our other reviewed betting sites.

There isn’t really an attraction to 188bet; they simply aren’t the leaders in the industry. If you sign up, you’ll receive a respectable level of service. There is no live streaming, the bonus is not very generous, and no ongoing promos are available. The website functions perfectly; nonetheless, it is not the greatest one available.

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