Top Business News Media in Sweden

There are many business news outlets in Sweden, but which ones are worth your time? The Swedish Newspaper Association keeps track of reader revenues, and their recent performance shows that free readers are gradually turning into paying subscribers. However, advertising revenues have fallen sharply – only 21%. Global platform companies continue to take most of the country’s digital ad spend. Swedish media companies have recently invested heavily in data analytics, and one of them, MittMedia, won the global INMA award for its use of data analytics.

The largest Swedish newspaper, Dagbladet, is owned by Mittmedia. It has been in business for over 115 years. It has a number of other titles including Amelia, Allt om Mat, and Teknikens Varld. Other popular magazines in Sweden include Veckans Affarer and Teknikens Varld. Many magazines are owned by Allers Forlag, which produces several major newspapers and magazines. Hachette Filipcchi Medias and Danish Egmont also own several Swedish and Norwegian newspapers.

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Swedish newspapers are independent and liberal. The Swedish Trade Union Confederation, Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet are all owned by Bonnier AB. Dagens Nyheter is the leading national morning newspaper, while SVT is an independent radio station that focuses on regional radio. There are several privately owned radio networks, including TV4, which has national coverage. And newspapers are usually liberal and independent, but face a tough competition from digital rivals.

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