Top iGaming Industry Trends for 2022

The iGaming industry gained popularity recently and has shown a willingness to adopt technological innovation quickly. iGaming undergoes new and intriguing developments every year, and 2022 will be no exception. Online gambling has recently included machine learning, cryptocurrencies, mobile experiences, and many others. Game developers and operators of online casinos are motivated to quickly build strategies for attracting a new generation of online gamblers. 

What can we wait for in 2022? Will machine learning and AI continue to revolutionize the online gambling market? Are there any upcoming new cryptocurrency or player retention platforms to be integrated? Here are the answers to the top trends waiting for the online gambling industry for 2022.

Virtual reality will be most commonly used

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR), which imitate the casino experience online and provide a digital alternative to traditional sit-in gambling, have become increasingly popular in the iGaming industry. Operators now need to concentrate on new engagement channels, such as influencer marketing and streaming campaigns, as the live-streaming phenomena of online slots have demonstrated.

The gambling sector hasn’t wholly embraced VR/AR yet. However, we believe 2022 will be the year this trend takes off. Very soon, players will discover that all of their favorite casino games are offered in these formats. There are live casinos where players can communicate directly with their dealers and other players. While everything is still in the experimental phase, the first VR casinos have already launched. It appears likely that more iGaming companies will begin to include this technology in their products.

Cryptocurrency will enter the market

The casino market will remain dominated by cryptocurrencies; this year, numerous online platforms started accepting them. Some online casinos allow players to deposit and receive funds using virtual currency. Players are still unsure how to use cryptocurrency; thus, it hasn’t quite reached the mainstream. Several crypto-casinos have opened up, allowing intelligent gamers to use their favorite digital currency to play real-money games. 

With the advent of blockchain technology, it is now feasible to withdraw funds quickly, with more security and anonymity that was not previously imaginable. Users can deposit and gamble in online casinos and pay for it with Bitcoin or any other crypto. So, will 2022 be the year, where crypto is finally accepted on sites that accept regular money? Of course, it will, as the world already accepted cryptocurrency as a new payment method.

The industry will become safer 

The technology used in online gambling, whether it’s an online gambling website or online casino software, must protect sensitive financial and personal data. To provide a risk-free gambling environment, website operators must implement cutting-edge IT solutions that protect their users’ data, particularly during web-based data transmission. Working with iGaming suppliers skilled in software security will be a big trend going into 2022.

However, players have recently become more selective about who they provide their personal information. Additionally, new payment platforms are constantly appearing on the market, each offering the safest and most secure transactions. So, it’s predicted that during this year, more safety features will be developed and provided to online gamblers to make them continue enjoying their time on your gambling website feeling safer. 


The iGaming industry has gone a long way since it has grown and become one of the world’s biggest and most entertaining businesses. Since there is enormous competition in the online casino market, it’s crucial to follow the present and upcoming trends in the industry. To stay on top of your game, make sure you keep a close eye on the most recent iGaming trends which have been mentioned in this article

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