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What Do You Think About the Slowing Auto Sales Market?

Many factors are at play in the slowing down of the auto sales market. The COVID-19 pandemic, increased oil prices, and shortage of microchips globally have all affected the automotive industry. In addition, the United States is preparing for a zero-emission future with widespread electrification. According to experts interviewed by Newsweek, the market for new cars will remain strong through 2022, despite the shortage of microchips. dumpor

The supply chain problems are affecting many automakers, but higher fuel prices will also increase the price of new cars. In addition, automakers have historically low inventories, which means they can’t mark down prices to increase sales. The slowing auto sales market may be worse than previously believed, but investors are concerned that there is a supply crisis brewing in the industry. As long as consumers aren’t offered discounts, automakers will continue to benefit.

As consumers have seen, prices have increased in every segment of the market, affecting the price of new cars and used cars alike. The retail price of used cars increased 10.5% in June, a rise of seven percent from May and ten percent from April. That’s bad news for everyone, especially those who can’t afford a new car. But what is the future of used car prices?

New car sales may dip to their lowest level in a decade as chip shortages and the Ukraine crisis continue to squeeze inventories. In addition, rising prices may push less affluent buyers out of the market. Nevertheless, car sales are forecast to fall by more than 24% this March and nearly 16 percent in the first quarter. According to Charlie Chesbrough, senior economist at Cox Automotive, the auto market remains stuck in low gear. f95forum

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